3 tips to choose good quality toilet tissue

Toilet tissue is an indispensable item in every family, but the habit of buying this product varies, there is no distinction between good and bad products on the market. As a savvy consumer, you should consider the methods of choosing the best toilet tissue on the market today.
There are 3 most effective ways to distinguish different types of toilet tissue products on the market: Toilet tisue too white is not good We usually think that toilet tissue must be white in color, but that is not always the case. Products that are too white usually means they have been bleached many times during the manufacturing process, and thus could contain substances such as fluorescent or plaster that are not good for your health.
Using touch to differentiate  – Toilet tissue surface For the high-quality toilet tissue, its surface is soft and smooth, with no holes. For low-quality ones, there will be many cracks, the surface may have blue or red pigments and may have small holes. – Elasticity High-quality toilet tissue made from natural pulp will be difficult to tear when stretched lightly. Low-quality toilet tissue is often prone to tearing when stretched.
– Surface When rubbed high-grade tissue will feel smooth and soft. Rubbing toilet tissue from poorly recycled pulp should have a rough feel, not smooth. Currently, toilet tissue products have numerous brands. To choose the best type of toilet tissue on the market, we must pay attention to the origin and packaging of the product. The information should include production dates, brand names, specifications …
Good brands in the market will ensure the quality and safety criteria for users. If you do not have much knowledge about this area, you can choose to buy paper products E’mos – of the best lines of tissue in Vietnam. Manufactured using advanced technology, that follows strict health and safety standards, E’mos paper is one of the most prestigious products on the market today.