How to distinguish different types of household tissue in the market?

Nowadays, tissue paper has been used widely, but consumers still have the habit of mixing the use of different types of tissue and not knowing the difference between the purpose of each. How many types of tissue in the market, and how different are they? Let’s find out in detail.

Picture 1 – How to distinguish tissues on the market

  • What is a Tissue Paper?

Tissue paper is usually made of wood pulp or recycled paper pulp. In addition, tissue paper is also used as a sanitary, medical, or industrial paper products such as paper capacitor, charcoal paper, wrapping paper, industrial grease…

Currently, some of the most well-known and famous paper tissue brands in Vietnam market are E’mos of Vina Paper, Bless You of Saigon Paper JSC or Pulppy, An An of New Toyo Pulppy.

Picture 2 – Paper towels E’mos Vina Paper

  • Types of paper tissues on the market?

According to the purpose of use, we can divide the tissue into the following four main categories:

–  Bathroom Tissue: Used in the toilet, bathroom, with soft, water-soluble characteristic

–  Kitchen Towel: Used in the kitchen (kitchen wipes, oil, grease) with good absorbency.

–  Napkin tissue: Used for various purposes whether you are at home, at office, in restaurant or hotel.


Picture 3 – Napkin Tissue

–  Facial Tissue: Used to wipe face, using as handkerchief and bring along while travelling as your daily must-have

  • What is the difference between napkin and tissue?

Picture 4 – Napkin and Toilet tissue

Besides the tissue, in the market, there is a separate line of paper called Napkin. This is cloth towel or tissue paper, specialized in using for meals. Napkin paper is thicker and is more expensive than tissue paper.

In conclusion, to distinguish between Tissue and Napkin, you should pay close attention to the technical information shown on the packaging of the product, or ask the sales person for further advice.