E’mos Premium Facial Tissue

Product Name: E'mos Premium Facial Tissue
Packaging: 180 sheets - 2 ply
Color: White
Ingredients: 100% virgin pulp.
+ Weight: 13 ± 2 g / m2.
+ Sheet size: 186mm x 190mm
+ Key properties: soft, smooth, absorbency and no disintegration when wet

E’mos Premium Facial tissue and Handkerchief are premium products of E’mos brand, produced using  advanced technology, from pure natural pulp, completely free of toxic bleach chemicals. It is packaged to meet the needs of customers in daily activities such as working or traveling. With its thin, soft and smooth tissue, E’mos Premium Facial tissue and Handkerchief gives you a delicate and subtle care for your face and delicate skin.

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